Quotes I was referred to Zook's Earl Scheib's paint and body shop by another paint shop that had performed some body work on my 2000 Honda Accord. I wanted to paint the whole car because of oxidation of the factory clear coat that had made the blk paint looked like it was peeling from a bad sunburn. The referring shop was too expensive for my purposes so I went to Zook's. Justin the manager, showed me the price options, assessed the car and provided me a price for paint and body prep work. I saw several cars that they were working on or had finished and they looked fine. I left the car. 3 days later, I picked up the car. It looked outstanding! I was more than impressed, I was astounded how good the car looked, it looked brand new. No paint problems and the small dings had been taken out by the staff. The shine was deep and impressive. I would recommend the work of this shop Quotes
Samuel W.
Quotes My wife and I just had our Lexus painted at Zook's and had a wonderful experience. Justin handled the whole process effortlessly and the result was beyond our expectations. The car came out looking brand new with all the little things done properly. We certainly would use this firm again and a lot of the credit goes to Justin. Good work, guys. Quotes
Michael G.
Quotes Happy to help! Amazing results! I highly recommend their services. I made an appointment to get an estimate to repaint practically two dozen different scratches on the front and back bumpers after 10 years of parking my Honda on the street. Angie at Zook's was happy to help and finished the job perfectly! Quotes
Captain N.
Quotes Great customer service. It was prompt, had friendly staff and was an overall fast process. I would definitely refer Zook's to other people and I would also go back. Hopefully my next visit isn't for body damage but for the other services they provide. Quotes
Dustin R.
Quotes Impeccable service. Zook's Earl Scheib is the best. Their customer service is impeccable, so much so that I've taken multiple cars here to have work done and have never had to come back for them to redo anything. These guys definitely know what they're doing and I'll continue to go to them. Quotes
Lucy K.
Quotes The staff was friendly and nice. They did a great job and I'm very happy with the results ! Quotes
Sally R.
Great Job!!!
Quotes Job well done! I needed work done on my car and took it to Zook's Earl Scheib's shop. I appreciated the fact that the staff was attentive to my expectations and I was happy to see a job well done. Quotes
John M.
Quotes I am a loyal customer! I've been patronizing Zook's Earl Scheib Auto Paint & Body for years and with their staff they always provide great customer service. That's why I'm such a loyal customer and recommend them to my friends and family. Quotes
Farrah D.
Quotes Zook's Earl Scheib is GREATto customers! My car turned out so great, I was very happy with the result! I explained to Mitch what I wanted, and stressed that this car holds a great sentimental value to me and they totally took great care of the car for me. Looks brand new! Quotes
Anthony N.
Quotes 5 Star Job! I got a car repainted and the job was amazing. It went from old to brand new! They seriously transformed my car and I couldn't be happier. Thanks Zooks! Quotes
Michelle F.




I strongly recommend this Zook's Earl Scheib and Mitch to be on among the top notch CNN heroes of the year!

Austin A.


Good Job!
Five Stars!

I asked an lot of questions and the fact that they didn't talk "down" to me because I'm a girly girl, really made me feel welcome! They are very knowledgeable and professional.



Five Stars!!!

The paint job was even more amazing than what I expected. They did a great job and I would recommend everyone to bring their car to them.

Labaro I


This is a Thank you RAVE REVIEW to Justin and the guys who prepped and painted my truck. I only had $650 for paint and body work on my chevy S10 PU. I needed it DONE in 2 days and they did a great job right on time. It wasn't perfect, but very good.
It was a $1000.+ paint job for $650. My brother used to own a Maaco paint shop and he was impressed by the quality of the body work and paint. BE SURE YOU ASK FOR JUSTIN. His Word is better than a written contract. I am not in any way connected to Justin or any Earl Scheib shop.

Lewis Gibson


They did a great job on my 1997 Toyota Corolla. From start to finish the customer service provided by Justin was top notch - very difficult to find these days. I chose the mid-level job which is priced at $600. I told Justin it didn't need any body work but to my surprise he went ahead and removed all the small ripples in the metal that develop in most cheap cars over time. It didn't occur to me prior to the paint job because the ripples don't show up so much on dull paint but with a new shiny finish I think it would have shown a lot more. Justin could have called me and I would have agreed to pay more but as mentioned he just took care of it at no charge. Amazing. My mechanic who has seen the car both before and after said he would have guessed the paint job was around $1600 - not $600. I'm very happy and highly recommend this shop.

Jeff J - San Diego CA
Zook's is the best in San Diego!